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Virginia Woolf – Google Celebrate 136th Birthday 2018

Posted by admin | January 25, 2018 | Doodle
Virginia Woolf-


On the 136th Birthday of Virginia Woolf a wonderful Google doodle is presented on googles home page as an honor to her great soul.

Virginia Woolf was the instigator of the non-linear approach to narrative, a unique literary style which established her as single leading voices modern feminism.The doodle, you can see on the Google homepage, illustrates the picture of Virginia Woolf surrounded by autumn leaves indicating her whole lifespan in a glimpse , autumn leaves have metaphoric connection with her emotions.

Born in a opulent household in Kensington, London, Adeline Virginia Stephen was raised by open-minded parents and they had Prominent social and artistic connections. While Virginia Woolf had a privileged childhood, she also suffered with deep depression throughout her life. She and her sisters were educated at home, and at the age of nine she started writing a family newspaper, Hyde Park Gate News in which she stated weekly family affairs.

The downfall of her life started when her mother died in 1895 and Two years later, her half-sister Stella died. Adding to it even her father died in 1904, with the consecutive deaths in her family she was terrified and her nervous broke down Virginia even tried to commit suicide and was briefly institutionalised.

With time she recovered and started writing for ‘Times Literary Supplement’ on a weekly basis. She even wrote her first novel, ‘The Voyage Out’ in 1915 after marrying to Leonard Woolf in 1912.

Though her life ended on a tragic note due depression, her work still breathes in literary world.

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