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Social Media Stories Format Constantly Become Noted

Posted by admin | March 15, 2018 | SMO

The only social animals who can create and tell stories on earth are humans

All the experiences poured into a Story bowl when it comes to something human love to convey throughout their lives. You might even remember your grandma’s bedtime stories during childhood as fresh as you heard them just a few weeks ago and you imagined every fairy tales as your own story, that’s where the real magic of storytelling comes to life.

In ancient times ancestors shared their lifetime experiences through trickster stories, fables, ghost tales, fairy tales, hero stories, and epic adventures to their off springs and it was passed on from generation to generations  these stories reflect the wisdom and knowledge of early people. There are stories often used to explain life hacks and important tricks to save their community during contingencies and disasters. For example – fire, storms, thunder, floods, tidal waves, lightening, epidemics etc.


Why do we eat up stories faster than anything?

We enjoy every form of storytelling be it a novel or film, what is the reason that keeps us so engaged in stories  It’s quite simple. If we sit and listen to a PowerPoint presentation with innocuous bullet points, certain parts in the brain get activated. Scientists call these Broca’s area and Wernicke’s area. Overall, it hits our language processing parts in the brain, where we decode words into meaning. And that’s it, nothing else happens.

But when we are being told a story, our brain activates all those parts which we would actually use while experiencing the same incident of the story in ones real life, Real heck of difference right !

The same potential of storytelling in day to day life attracted developers of Snapchat to Imbibe narrative approach in their format of sharing snaps named as ‘Snapchat stories’ this stories gave users an opportunity to share their daily lives leading to introduction of revolutionary historical trend in social media and human history  With this real-time documentary format, social media users became more raw, real and relatable.

Soon other social networks too grabbed the idea and started adopting the sharing format with their own version of name example:

Instagram stories—Aug 16’

WhatsApp status—Feb 17’

Facebook stories—March 17’

Skype highlights—June 17’

YouTube reels—Nov 17’

Adaption of expiring story format gave boost to each social networks, the highest positive response was witnessed in case of Instagram covering huge user base that it even surpassed Snapchat in following years.

Storytelling is something that has been and will be undeniable segment of our lives  stories are threads that bind humanity irrespective of difference in demographics, Geographic’s and psycho graphics around the world.

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