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Sergei Eisenstein – Google Celebrating 120th Birth Anniversary 2018

Posted by admin | January 22, 2018 | Doodle

Sergei Eisenstein 120th Birth Anniversary

Google honored ‘Sergei Eisenstein’ on his 120th birthday by its Google doodle on its home page. Emerge quite clever Pictorial presentation of his life and career. If you are still pondering why google took this gracious effort here is the answer.

Sergei Eisenstein’ was a great soveit director even named as Father of cinematic montage. Sheer cinematography, Brilliant use of montage effects in his films, outstanding transitions from one frame to other establishing relations between two co-incidental shots. Eisenstein felt the “collision” of shots could be used to manipulate the emotions of the audience and create film metaphors. His films always had a touch of how superior class oppresses standard or working class of the society. In order to contribute to society he even started teaching Film-making at GIK and wrote a whole curriculum on directors course.

With using wonderful camera technique  blessed with  god-gifted brilliant cinematographic eye ,he made few renown films of the time “Battleship Potemkin” in 1925 , ”October”(10 days that shook the world) in 1927 and got honored with two stall in prizes , Order of Lenin and Badge of honor award and google doodle honors.

We truly appraise this great personality Sergei Eisenstein’ who took endless efforts that created a revolution in the history of film making.

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