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SEO strategies to focus in 2018

Posted by admin | January 22, 2018 | SEO


All your sweat and blood on content and graphics goes for a toss if your site have poor quality of keywords, thin content and innocuous backlinks,it takes years to build traffic online and nothing to scroll down to zero rankings by focusing on few essential factors of SEO you can achieve the highest rankings on any search engine be it Google, Bing or Duckduckgo!

1. Make your site Mobile-Friendly :

For the first time in history mobile has exceeded desktop internet usage and credit goes to mobile friendly sites,  If you don’t have a mobile version of your site go for it make it mobile friendly because Google also focuses on the way site gets displayed in mobile with that it makes  user experience  much better recently launched  Google project works on necessary web  speed boost which helps in faster downloading of cache files from a website  here  are few tips to make your site Mobile friendly.

.  Create a mobile version of your site : It might  sound a bit monotonous to work on 2 parallel site one for mobile and other one  for desktop but that will definitely payback  as more and more user are switching to mobile for  complying  their day to day needs.

·  You can use desktop site  conversion platform such as bMobilized or Duda Mobile

·  Always refer to CMS platforms for mobile plugins :  Some real good Content  Management systems  website are WordPress an Joomla both have bolt-on solutions to make your site Mobile friendly cutting down the need to have two different version of a single site.

·       WordPress Mobile Plugin : Wp Touch .

·       Joomla Mobile Plugin : ResponsiVizer and JoomlaShine.

·       Mobile first-responsive design : For creating a mobile first responsive design that goes with every segment of a website needs planning of what will go in mobile  or tablet display.

2. Work on your Page speed :

According to study in USA  more than 50% of internet users expect site to open in 2 seconds or even less , an online survey result shows that if a site takes more than 10 seconds to load they turn out to other links so we can conclude at the end, site that opens speedily has benefits on both the edge of User and search engine too, here are few tips that’ll help you to boost your site speed :

·   Optimize Images :   The size of the image  is also a player in making loading speed slow. Always use image format JPG and GIFs, experiment with editing, resizing and compressing images for better results.

·   Make Use of CDNs :   Content Delivery Networks are  group of servers placed around the network space to make sure that  downloading and uploading of any websites information  goes with  faster speed , they also prevent from  site crash due to connection with single server. Using CDNs helps in providing access to cached version of the site from the nearest web host resulting in reduced loading time and happier user and search engine.

·   Eliminate Use of Unnecessary plugins :   More and More plugins may seem tempting for your site but adding a plugin adds up resources it runs on which many a times makes site speed slower.

·   Trick To Get Out of It :   Disable All of plugins one by one and see your site performance through test  tool like* GTmetrix* and if your
sites runs faster than before than now you know where is the trouble coming from.

·   Enabling Browser Caching :   Browser caching is a technology that allows user to store cache files of your website so that if he revisits the site again loading time will be much reduced , ask your web developer to experiment and integrate browser caching  into your  server side scripting.

·   Try Grip Compression :   This technology helps in minimizing the size of browser based http responses to higher extent ,simply put there are easy tricks available to compress :# text ,http,javascript,css,xml  by adding mod deflate  in the html coding.

3. Understand User Intent :

Knowing what your User wants and responding to it makes a hell out of difference which is then accompanied with user promoting and sharing your content more and more which results as higher repetitive traffic on site.

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