SEO Myths That You Can Easily Fall For

Posted by admin | February 9, 2018 | SEO

According to new study from Internet live stats Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day. In the world of SEO opportunities are booming every day just the right strategy takes all the stage. Leaving the rest to stand and create rumors about how scary SEO monster seems. But before getting into the same trap, take a pause; rethink Does making fuss about SEO helps in getting better results in anyway? Definitely NO, its time to use scout method and pull off scary mask so called SEO experts have created.

SEO Myths :

Submit it to Google Otherwise forget about search results.

If you still think that you need to submit your whole website to Google console just to be in the online league then,    here’s a fact for you, No One needs to submit the whole website to Google console in order to get ranking and visibility in search engine, rather just submitting your sites URL to Google will make crawlers find you easily.

SEO is all trick.

You might have heard lot of people saying there’s trick to win in SEO world, some might even offer SEO training courses that can make you understand how Google algorithm works, You cannot assure hold on something that is continuously changing rather you can observe the pattern and play with it. A good knowledge of algorithm and application of common logic will always triumph in the battle of myths.

Ranking is all you need.

You might have secret envy on the sites that constantly secure 1st rank on Google search results, Irony is that one can get tons of traffic but cannot get even peanut sized leads out of it. Reason is logical having traffic will assure more traffic not click through rates. Next time you plan for a website content strategy make sure your expectations from it are enough clear.

SEO once is more than enough.

SEO once is never enough unless you are having a website just for sake as everyone has and do not plan to go big in the future. SEO is not just one or two attempts but a journey of a gradual process that can evolve in changing search engine algorithms, building fresh queries and links as well as updating new content.

Social media and SEO are siblings.

People may sometimes misinterpret both the terms as ranking mantra. According to imForza ‘Search is the #1 driver of traffic to content sites, beating social media by more than 300% ’. The truth here is Social media is like a magnet that attracts exposure from all directions but it cannot assure for direct lead generation or CTRs. For your page to rank you need a well-researched content and delicately executed SEO.

Gone are those days where keyword stuffing, using innocuous back links, Onetime SEO was enough for your website be on top 3 search results, with time as algorithm got smarter it is a signal for all of us to get evolved.

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